TeachMeets are gatherings of professional educators who wish to share, support and inspire each other to provide engaging learning experiences for our students. They are informal meetings which allow teachers from different schools to come together to share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching. This is a chance for teachers from all types of schools to network and to collaborate and share new ideas and information.

It’s professional development for teachers… by teachers.
So how does it work?

  • Participants are invited to present an idea or tool they have used in their classroom
  • Presentations will go for either 2 or 7-minutes
  • You don't have to give a presentation to come along - but you should definitely consider it!
  • There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking with others
  • TeachMeets are open to educators from all levels of teaching, and do not charge an entry fee

Not convinced? Watch this video courtesy of TeachMeet Sydney West and BrainPopUK, to find out more:

Thank you to our wonderful friends over at TeachMeet Sydney for their help and support - please visit their website to read about the inspiring teachmeets that are being conducted all over Sydney! #TMSydney

More information can also be found at the website for TeachMeet Australia